This website is for anyone who uses or needs

housing related support services 

in Gwent

You are the experts in these services. You have lived and experienced them and you are in the best position to know what works, what doesn’t and what improvements need to be made.

If you are using housing related support services in Gwent then we want to know what you think of them and how you think they could be improved.

Service User Survey

About Housing Support

Housing Support is a Welsh Government funded programme that provides housing related support for people. The programme aims to support people to maximise, maintain and sustain their independence through the provision of a range of innovative services and projects.  It incorporates the previous Welsh Government funded Supporting People, Homelessness Prevention and Rent Smart Wales Programmes

Service User Involvement

Gwent Housing Support teams encourage involvement from people who are receiving or have received a support service. This can range from something as simple as following us on Twitter and keeping up to date with our news and events to helping your support provider recruit and train new staff.

Meet your Gwent RHSCG members
The Regional Housing Support Collaborative Group (RHSCG) provides strategic direction and scrutiny at a regional level. They recommend how the grant should be spent and want to make sure you are involved. 
Meet your Gwent Housing Support Teams
Housing Support teams are based in your local council.
Gwent Housing Support Teams
Meet your Gwent Support Providers
Housing Support Grant funds a wide range of services for people.