Case Studies

Name: Clive
Age: 51
Local Authority: Newport
Client Group: Mental Health
Situation & Current Needs:
Paranoid schizophrenia, needing support to manage his tenancy, correspondence and daily living skills; support to address alcohol and drug abuse and to improve physical and mental health.
Project Info:

Supported accommodation for people with severe and enduring mental health needs and people with learning disabilities. On site support provided between 9.00am — 5.00pm and an on call system overnight
Personal History:
Clive's mental health deteriorated, whilst he was in prison and he was admitted to hospital under Section 47 of the Mental Health Act. Clive had lived an unsettled life experiencing many periods of homelessness and has a history of substance misuse, violent behaviour and of non engagement with services. Clive is under a Community Treatment Order (CTO) a legal order made by the Mental Health Review Tribunal or Magistrate and prior to receiving support was experiencing further deterioration in his mental health.
Support Received:
Clive has received support to understand the house rules and his tenancy rights and responsibilities. With support he has engaged with mental health services and his G.P. and is now having regular health checks. He also meets with forensic health services who are able to monitor his drug and alcohol use; and has overcome his fears of attending mental health reviews, attending these now on a regular basis with his support worker. Clive is receiving budgeting and financial inclusion support, and is supported to prioritise the necessities that he needs to pay for, he is no longer stealing so there have been no further criminal offences. Clive receives support with his daily living skills which help him to maintain the hygiene of himself and his home.

Managing money
Clive has learnt to budget ​and manage his money and is paying his bills on time.

Managing accommodation
Clive has maintained his tenancy for over two years and has built good relationships with staff and other tenants.

Physically healthy
​Clive's physical and mental health have improved. Hospital admissions have reduced and Clive is engaged with services and understands the importance of taking his medications.

Feeling safe
Clive feels safe and secure and is no longer at risk of homelessness. Staff monitoring is in place in line with his Community Treatment Order.

​Clive continues to maintain his tenancy and to engage with staff and services. He is working towards reducing his substance misuse. He is focused on maintaining his physical and mental health so that they remain stable. Clive aims to identify interests so that he can participate in the community. Clive is to be discharged from his Community Treatment Order (CTO).

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