Case Studies

Name: Fiona
Age: 20
Local Authority: Blaenau Gwent
Client Group: Domestic Abuse
Situation & Current Needs:
History of domestic abuse and alcohol misuse, requiring support with life skills including cooking and shopping on a budget; applying for and managing a tenancy; maintaining a home, claiming benefits and parenting issues.
Project Info:

A support service for women, men and children experiencing domestic abuse providing floating support to support them in their own homes as well temporary supported housing, including a 24 hour refuge for women with complex needs. Freedom and Parenting programmes are also delivered from the project.
Personal History:
Fiona was referred to the project by Social Services when she was 18 years old and had a very young baby. An interim care order was in place due to concerns of domestic violence between Fiona and her partner. Fiona had also previously experienced difficulties with alcohol resulting in alcohol fuelled violence/anti social behaviour. Fiona was keen to live independently and required support to apply for a tenancy, manage her finances and claim benefits.
Support Received:
  • Provided with temporary supported housing, support with signing for a tenancy, setting up utilities and managing her tenancy, support with setting up appropriate benefits
  • Support with completing housing application
  • Provision of Target Hardening to improve safety and security at the property, empowered to end the abusive relationship and set boundaries for further relationships through engagement with the Freedom Programme
  • Encouraged to undertake education and training, support with budgeting and managing debts
  • Support with Social Services meetings, referral and signposting to address parenting issues
  • Empowered to manage her alcohol misuse effectively

Managing money
Fiona is managing her finances and bills independently.

Managing accommodation
Fiona is managing her tenancy well and is able to maintain her property to a good standard.

Physically & mentally healthy
Fiona now only drinks alcohol occasionally when out socialising with friends.

Feeling safe
Fiona feels safe in her property. Fiona is more confident with setting boundaries in new relationships to prevent harm to herself and her son.

​Fiona has been living independently for almost a year now and no longer has any Social Services involvement. She is on the housing waiting list and hopes she will soon be offered a social housing tenancy. Fiona has almost completed her GCSE's in Maths and English and intends to carry on with her education and is applying for other courses and voluntary work.

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