Case Studies

Name: Jamie
Age: 24
Local Authority: Torfaen
Client Group: Generic floating support to prevent homelessness
Situation & Current Needs:
Homeless, lacking support and requiring help with independent living and budgeting skills.
Project Info:

Floating support, helping people with a wide range of issues such as homelessness, managing accommodation, managing finances, mental health issues, education, volunteering & work in order to develop the confidence and skills to live independently.
Personal History:
Following a period of sofa surfing with friends & relatives, Jamie had secured his own private rented accommodation. One day he returned to find that he could not get in, the landlord had changed the locks and terminated his tenancy, he had put some of Jamie's belongings into black bags and had disposed of the rest. Jamie then stayed between his sister's and brother's on their sofa's for some time and during this period built up a lot of debt through pay day loans and was at risk of offending in order to keep up his repayments, he became clinically depressed and this resulted in him dropping out of college and signing on for Employment Support Allowance. Jamie applied as homeless to the local authority but didn't qualify for temporary accommodation; he was advised to register with Homeseeker for housing and was referred for support.
Support Received:
  • Housing Support - to look for and apply for accommodation. Jamie was offered a one bed flat in Cwmbran, support then focussed on setting up his home and paying household bills.
  • Benefits Support - applying for benefits and support to attend benefit medicals.
  • Financial Support - applying to the discretionary assistance fund for help to carpet and furnish his flat £734 received; support to open a bank account; support to sort out pay day loan debts.
  • Employment and training - support to look for work and volunteering opportunities, help to apply for an open university course, Jamie is also taking part in the support providers digital inclusion project.

Contributing to wellbeing of self and others:
Support has helped Jamie to rebuild his confidence and feel hopeful about his future. He now feels part of the community.

Managing money:
​Jamie is able to budget and pay his bills and has payment plans in place for his debts. He regularly visits the local job club keeping his CV up to date.

Managing Accommodation:
Jamie's home is fully furnished and he is able to maintain it, he has the skills and confidence to approach his landlord should he need to.

Physically & mentally healthy:
Jamie is no longer on anti depressants and has been referred for counselling.

​Jamie is now living independently and making plans to start a college course in ICT to increase his chances of gaining full time employment. Jamie is looking for work and has applied to volunteer at the local Citizen Advice Bureaux which he hopes will increase his confidence and experience of working.

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