Service User Involvement Plan

Working Together for People With Support

This plan explains how Service Users in Gwent will be involved in the design and delivery of housing related support services.


The People using housing related support services are the experts in the services they receive, they have lived and experienced these services and are in the best position to know what works, what doesn’t and what improvements need to be made.

It’s important that the experts are involved in the review and development of services and opportunities for the experts to be involved must be developed and strengthened.

The voices of Service Users need to be heard and they should be able to influence the support they receive. If you are using housing related support services in Gwent, you should get involved, you are the expert, you have lived the experience and know better than anyone what’s good, what’s not so good and what needs to change to make them better.

A lot of different people need to work together to ensure that service user involvement is successful. This will ensure that services are developed that will continue to meet the needs of the people using those services.

The Regional Housing Support Collaborative Committee is made up of senior people from the Council, Health, Probation and the Providers of Support Services. They make decisions on how the money is spent on services you use and want to ensure that you are involved and able to influence decision making with your views.

Service Users are people who use housing related support services in Gwent which receive funding from Housing Support; for example someone who lives in a hostel or someone who lives in their own home but is receiving support to help them continue to live there.

Housing Support teams are based in your local council. They pay for housing related support services in Gwent and monitor how the money is spent. They also gather information on what services will be needed in the future

​Housing Support funds a wide range of services for people, such as:

  • People affected by Domestic Abuse
  • Older People with support needs
  • People with Mental Health needs
  • Refugees
  • Families with Support Needs
  • People with Criminal Offending history
  • People with Chronic Illness
  • People who have experienced Substance Misuse (Alcohol and Drugs)
  • People at risk of Homelessness

There are a lot of different voices that need to be heard and lots of views that need to be gathered.
Service Users have said that they want to be able to choose how they get involved and want a variety of ways to do this.

Promoting Service User Involvement

Service Users want:

  • Clear and concise information with no jargon​
  • Information that is short and easy to read
  • Info cards that contain a small amount of information and contact details for the local housing support teams
    • e.g. “Give us Your Views to Help Improve Services”
  • Posters or leaflets, that are bright, colourful and attention grabbing
    • These should explain how to get involved and the benefits of doing so
  • To receive thanks and acknowledgement for giving their time​
  • They are confident that their involvement is making a difference​

Some of the current ways to get involved include:

  • Attending meetings and events
  • Completing questionnaires and surveys
  • Speaking to your support worker
  • Speaking to the Housing Support team when they visit your project

New ways to get involved that will be introduced as a result of the development of this plan include:

  • ​Developing Social media such as Twitter and Facebook
  • Nominating Service User Representatives who can take forward the views of people using services
  • Using text and phone
  • By meeting RCC Members at their project

Many thanks to all those who have been involved in the production of this Service User Involvement Plan.

For more information and to get involved please call 07972661892

Or email: